1981: Einzeln und frei, Gneisenaustrasse, Berlin
Mural after a poem by Nazim Hikmet: “Living – alone and free like a tree and fraternal like a forest – is our longing”

1988: Maybachufer, Berlin
Mural commissioned by Bally Wulf Berlin.

1994: The Flying Cow, Spreebogen Berlin
Commissioned by the Ernst Freiberger Foundation, this 1.050 square meter mural was at the site of a former dairy production. As of 2020 it is not existent anymore. Read more about the project here.

1996: Monument for Cemal Kemal Altun, Hardenbergstrasse Berlin
Cemal Kemal Altun (*1960 in Samsun, Turkey – † 1983 in West Berlin) was a Turkish asylum seeker in Germany. He took his own life in 1983 during deportation proceedings in connection with the threat of extradition to the Turkish military dictatorship by jumping from the sixth floor window of the Berlin Higher Administrative Court. Altun was the first political refugee from Turkey who was threatened with deportation and took his own life. Since the amendment to the German constitution in 1993, which drastically restricted the right to asylum, at least 149 people had taken their own lives in the face of imminent deportation by the end of 2007. The monument for Altun is placed in front of the former Berlin Administrative Court, where Altun died. The stone sculpture by Akbar Behkalam, which is around four meters high, two meters long and one meter wide, is broken open in the middle from above and reveals two hands. On both sides of the painting can be read – once in German, once in Turkish: “On August 30, 1983, Cemal Kemal Altun threw himself to his death as a political refugee from the window of the administrative court here for fear of extradition. Politically persecuted people must be granted asylum.” The memorial was unveiled in 1996.